Innovative services, complete assistance and the highest professional competence: these are the exclusive features that have enabled Unipharma to strengthen their international leadership through the years, always distinguishing themselves from any other insider of the reference market.

Scientific Documentation Center
They process the data relating to each single request, researching where the proprietary medicine is manufactured and by whom, to order it in the quantity needed. They also offer detailed consulting on drugs and provide all the technical material required.

Import-support Service
They help customers with the practices connected to the import of medicines, providing information on the papers needed, as well as on their filling out and dealing with clearances through customs.

Advanced Pharmaceutical Warehouse
Fully computerized and automated, it controls the incoming and the outgoing goods with absolute precision, ensuring the immediate availability of over 20,000 items.

Painstaking Commercial Service
It accurately controls and fills orders, assessing costs and delivery times; it drafts customized quotes and carries out the shipping, avoiding any margin of mistake.

Refrigeration Chain
It guarantees optimum preservation standards to all drugs: from their place of origin to their delivery.